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The SkyHi Advantage

SkyHi Broadband offers a fast and reliable internet connection using fixed-wireless technology. No long-term contracts are required. A liberal data usage policy so you don't have to worry about arbitrary data limits or huge overage charges. We've built a Carrier-grade core network for superior network performance comparable to any big ISP. Local support is available to solve any problems that you may have, we can help over the phone or come to you. We are also your neighbors so all of us are committed to providing you the highest quality internet experience available.

Rural Area - That's Us

Our focus is on the needs of the rural communities and the underserved areas where the wire-line companies will not go. If you have a home or business in the country with no option for cable or fiber internet service, then SkyHi's private wireless network can be a solution for you. Different from cellular internet (strict data limits) or satellite internet (high latency), we deliver an internet connection to your location using a wireless bridge connected from one of our many transmitter locations. We deliver carrier-class low latency and high performance. 

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