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Coverage Area - If your looking to get internet service from SkyHi Broadband, the first step is to see if you are in the coverage area of a network transmitter. As of 2020, our main areas of coverage are north of Lincoln CA up to Camp Far West Lake, West over to the Rio Oso area, and East up to Newcastle and the eastern Auburn foothills.

Site Survey - Once we determine you're in the Coverage Area, we may still need to come to your location and make sure we can get a good signal. You will need Line-of-Sight to one of our transmitters to qualify for service. We need to check for trees or any other obstructions which can significantly affect your overall internet experience.

Installations - If we can get a good signal, we can now proceed to install the antenna and get you online. The Site Survey and Installation can sometimes take place on the same day, but it may be possible that the Install will need to take place at a later date. The normal time for an install is about 2-3 hours.

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