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How to change your email password:


First, login to your email account through the web portal at ( <-- Click There, it will open in another window for you)


(Enter the username only, leave out the part, then enter the temporary password we assigned to you)


Once you are logged into the webmail system, on the left you will see a tab titled "Configuration" (Click on that) 































(If your webmail screen is different and does not have "Configuration", see below for the other version)


Then Click on the "Password" section (Change your Password).


Type in the temporary password we assigned to you in section "Old Password", then proceed to change your email password to whatver you like under the following conditions,


Our email provider Network Solutions is requiring a "complex" password. It needs to have the following properties:


8-14 Characters

One Upper Case Letter

One Lower Case Letter

One Number

One Special Character (! @ # $ % ^ & *)


* So you may have changed your password recently, but we need to ask that you change it again. If your email password had these properties before we issued the temporary one, you can change it back to the one you had created. Network Solutions systems could not tell us which email accounts did not have a "complex" password (or just suspend those accounts individually) so they suspended ALL of the accounts (Unbelievable, right?!). Needless to say, we will be looking to change email providers very soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. 



For those of you whose webmail looks like this below, then you must find the "Settings" section which is the 3 dashes on far right next to the Question Mark. 


Then you can click through to Mail folder, and the Password Reset command

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