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We're adding more capacity due to increased usage  !!!

Monthly Service Plans

In order to get you started on a monthly service, there is a one-time Installation Fee. We will determine the costs for Installation at the time of our free Site Survey analysis. Most Installations are $149 or less. All of our Service Plans are month to month agreements, there are no long-term commitments required. We maintain ownership of all hardware and equipment, so you don't have to lease or buy anything and we will take care of replacing damaged equipment (when applicable). What you see listed is what you pay per month. There are no hidden fees or taxes included in the monthly fees.

The 5 Plan - 5 Mbps Download / 5 Mbps Upload

$69.95 / Month

* General Web Browsing

* Music Streaming

* Solar System Monitoring

* Good for Small Households with 1-2 Devices (Computers, Phones, Televisions, etc.)

* Not Recommended for Video Streaming on Multiple Devices at same time

The 10 Plan - 10 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload

$89.95 / Month

* General Web Browsing

* Music Streaming

* YouTube and Facebook Videos, On-Demand Direct TV 

* Good for Medium Size Households with 2-3 Devices at a time

* Ok for Video Streaming on a couple of Devices at a time

The 20 Plan - 20 Mbps Download / 20 Mbps Upload

$149.95 / Month

* General Web Browsing

* Music Streaming

* Online Gaming

* Good for Larger Size Households with 4-6 Devices at a time

* Ok for Video Streaming on multiple Devices at a time

* General Web Browsing

* Music Streaming

* Online Gaming

* Good for Plus Size Households with 7-10 Devices at a time

* Ok for High Definition Video Streaming

The 30 Plan - 30 Mbps Download / 30 Mbps Upload

$199.95 / Month

* Point to Point backhauls

* Business to Business Networking

* Offered on Limited basis

The 60 Plan - 60 Mbps Download / 60 Mbps Upload

Call for Details...

In selecting a Service Plan, how fast you receive and transmit data (i.e. your bandwidth speed) will determine what kind of internet experience you have. If you have one computer on the internet at any given time, then 5 Mbps will probably work fine. We use the analogy of bandwidth speed is like water pressure. The more devices you have online at any one time (or faucets you have open), the more bandwidth speed (or water pressure) you need to run all the applications you are using. If you have the lowest water pressure (5 Mbps service Plan) but you have 3 faucets open (i.e. 2 Computers/1 Television online), then just a trickle of water (data) will come through each device and it makes your internet experience suffer.


We recommend the 10 Mbps Service Plan for most applications and households with 2-3 devices. The added speed (water pressure) getting to the devices (faucets) allows them to run more in line with expectations and services. The popularity of applications like Netflix can run in higher quality, average web pages of 2.5 Mb in size will load instantly, and an overall experience on the internet is more enjoyable. 


With SkyHi Broadband, you will get an advantage over the services offered from our competitors.  We offer symmetrical service, where your upload speed is the same as your download speed. Don't be fooled by explanations saying upload doesn't matter. You can have a 30Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload and it will seem the internet is just as slow as your old dial-up. When it comes to the growing demands of increased bandwidth by all your digital devices, our service can give you the edge.


How fast you surf is a different story than how LONG you surf, and we address data limits in our FAQ.  While we don't have a hard cap or data limit per month, we do have a Fair Use Policy (see FAQ). Most of us have experience with our cellular or satellite providers with very low data limits, but you shouldn't need to worry about data limits when selecting any of our Service Plans. We will not nickel and dime you to death for every 1 GB over some arbitrary number. If your use of the internet seriously affects any of our other users, then we will talk to you about it before we do anything. We will try to find a solution together, but you would have to approach the 1 TB level for us to be worried about your monthly data usage.


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