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Monthly Service Plans


We tried to make it simple to select the right plan for you. All of our Monthly Service Plans are month-to-month agreements so you can cancel at any time. We will need to Install an outdoor antenna modem (wireless bridge) to deliver internet service to you and we maintain ownership of the equipment so you do not have to lease anything. We do not include wireless (Wi-Fi) routers in these plans. The Plans 5 thru 30 listed below are advertised as Download speeds, while the upload offering associated with each plan is Symmetrical (same upload as download). Discounts may be applied where Upload speeds cannot match the download speed.

The 5

The 5 is a good starter plan. It is adequate for smaller households, ones where multiple people will most likely not be using the internet at the same time. Streaming services like Netflix should work assuming there is just one TV at a time. Other services it is good for (but not limited to):


* Email

* Music Streaming


The 20
The 10

The 10 is probably our most common service plan and works for most households with 1-2 kids with the parent's mild appetite for streaming a movie every now and then. You can have multiple computers surfing the web and not worry too much about your 10 Mbps of bandwidth being used up.

* YouTube TV

*Direct TV On-Demand

The 30

The 20 is good for a large household or one that may have multiple TV's streaming at once. The higher speed also allows for faster downloading of files from the internet, like updates for Windows or game consoles.

The 30 is a plan for those that need even more. At this speed services like 4K should be available. Good for gamers and businesses.


The 60
*Available in limited areas. In beta-mode, coming soon.
The 100
*Available in limited areas. In beta-mode, coming soon.
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